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Colonial America Toy – Buzz Saw

October 23, 2010
A buzz saw is easy to make. Simple pleasures!

A buzz saw is easy to make. Simple pleasures!

Colonial America Toy – Buzz Saw


  • 2 – 3″ sticks
  • 20″ of string or yarn
  • 1 button 1″ or bigger with 2 holes

Steps to Make:

  • Have your child fold the string in half and tie the folded end to one stick.
  • Thread string through both holes to the button.
  • Move the button to the center.
  • Tie the ends of the string to the other stick.

To play:

  • Have your child hold a stick in each hand and let the button hang down.
  • Flip the button to wind the string around and around.
  • When the string is twisted, have your child pull outward on the sticks to get the button spinning and sounding like a “buzz saw”.
  • Keep pulling and relaxing the string to keep the button going.

Your child can make it a challenge to see who can keep it going longer.


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