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Turkey in Disguise!

November 6, 2010

Turkey disguised as Groucho Marx so he doesn’t have to come to Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Turkey’s in Disguise

With Thanksgiving not too far off, this is a great art project that really allows your child’s sense of humor to come through!

Turkeys are usually the center of the holiday meal.  Your child is going to make a disguise for a turkey so perhaps they can miss being on the table for dinner!  This project was done by Rita Heaven; artist, teacher, mentor, friend with our students many years ago and I still have my son’s (somewhere!). Thanks Rita for letting me use it!


  • colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional suggestions – feathers, fabric scraps, anything else your child would like to use

For young children you’ll need to explain why a turkey would want to hide this month.  Older children will grasp the reasons easier.

Then talk about disguises.  “What does it mean to put on a disguise? Can a disguise be useful?”  Perhaps have a wig or fake mustache to disguise yourself to set the tone for this discussion.  Then explain that they will make a disguise for a turkey using the materials gathered (and any others they may want).  Making the basic turkey shape can be as easy as tracing their hand with their fingers spread out or each feather or a colorful piece of paper.  Once they have the turkey, they can add the disguise.

Have fun with it!  Everyone will enjoy seeing the works of art on the big day.


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