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French Immersion Day!

November 26, 2010
My students preparing ratatoille.

My students are busy preparing ratatouille.

Venee is helping the students chop the zucchini.

Chopping the ingredients for the ratatouille.

After weeks of preparing for our big day, we had our French Immersion Day on Wednesday.  They had researched famous French people, cooked French food, learned about the history of France, studied they artwork of some of the artists.  Now it was time to share all they had learned with others.   So the students came up with what information was important to invite others and then they wrote out the invitations.  They invited their relatives or friends to the event and it was great to see all the people that came out to support our students efforts.

Role-playing Joan of Arc and King Louis.

Alexis as Joan of Arc and Molly as King Louis.    

Roie-playing is fun!

Shivan as Louis Pasteur and Ben was Jacques Cousteau. The mustache kept falling off Shivan so he was holding it in place.

A boy role-playing.

Aiden acting as Henri Matisse, complete with a white beard.

Role-playing as King and Queen. Ellie made a great Marie Antionette and E.J. King Lous XVI with his wig.

Our students performed short skits on the famous French person that they had researched.  Some were little acts, others reported as the person but all of them were in character and each student had an outfit or prop that helped them present. They had also made pastries to serve to their guests; Parisian Coconut Macaroons, Meringue Kisses and Creme Puffs.

Taking a bow.

Our young actors took a proud bow.


Happy students!


Then they quickly changed into white and black clothes and we painted their faces white to perform their mime skits to the whole school.

Mime with face paint.

Olivia, Ty and Elyse “ham” it up!

They were eager to share the fun with everyone. Then we had everyone participate in a variety of skits that they randomly drew out of a hat.  They had scenarios like:

  • running on a beach, into the surf, feeling the sand between their fingers
  • a ballet troupe, some stretching, some spinning, some leaping (very funny – watching 8th grade boys “go for it” – they had everyone laughing as they spun and leaped on the stage)
  • pulling a very stubborn carrot out of the ground and everyone pulling together
  • walking through a dark, creepy cave complete with bats and an underground pool of water
  • a group of people crossing the street, someone is directing traffic, someone is blind and someone is walking a dog

What a whirlwind day.  I, unfortunately, didn’t get to take any pictures since I was a little occupied, but once parents share pictures with me, I’ll share them with you.

Thanks Dianne for the great pictures!

Henry is the brave lion jumping through the ring of fire and Aiden is the lion tamer.

Walking a mime tightrope.

Helen looks in deep concentration for her character to walk on the tightrope.

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2 Responses to French Immersion Day!

  1. Elaine Kennedy on December 26, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Hi Cynthia and Venee,

    Thank you for a wonderful event! It epitomizes New Morning School and I appreciate all of your time, efforts and long hours that it took to make it happen. It was great!

    I’m not sure if I shared this with you –

    I invited an elderly gentleman to the school to partake in our Thanksgiving feast and to be immersed in the French experience with the children. We watched the children eloquently present their French person through skits, verbal presentations, and music. They were incredible – articulate, confident, and talented in putting together skits that shared the information they had learned. I was awestruck. I leaned over to my guest and said, “This is why I started New Morning School.” It was one of those moments I won’t forget.



    • Cynthia on December 26, 2010 at 6:11 pm

      Thanks Elaine – it means a lot to me that you thought so highly of it! It was great fun to do too!

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