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Colonial America Craft – Soap Whittling

November 29, 2010
A jazzy car made with a bar of soap.

Jazzy car made with a bar of soap and a plastic knife used to whittle the soap.

Soap Whittling

Whittling wood was a past time in colonial times that required nothing but a knife and a stick or piece of wood.  In this version we are using a bar of soap and a plastic knife to make it soap whittling, perfect for children.


  • Bars of soap
  • Plastic Knives


  • Using a bar of soap to represent a piece of wood allows your child to carve without having to use a sharp knife.
  • Have your child make a simple design using mostly straight edges. It’s hard to make curves with a plastic knife. Using the tip of the knife to make a line to carve further.
  • Running the jagged edge of the knife on an angle will give the soap texture.
  • Work over a sink or towel to catch all the soap pieces. Afterward the scraps can be gathered up and squeezed together in a ball.  Then put it in a microwave for 20 – 30 seconds and it melts the pieces together.
  • Have your child place the bar of soap in the palm of their hand and saw the knife back and forth to make slices in the soap.
  • Although the knife is only plastic, it can still be sharp, so remind them to be careful.



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