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French History Hide ‘n Seek

December 10, 2010
Display board with pictures and information.

One of the boards used to display the information that my students had to find about French history.

Studying French History

I what my students to learn about Napoleon Bonaparte and what he did for France, the artists that have offered so much to the world, what the feudal system was and so much more but how?  I could make them all do reports or research them online or in the encyclopedia’s but I decided to try something different.  Why don’t I just put together all the information I want them to walk away with in text and with pictures and let them work together to “find” the information?

Artists from France.

Part of the art display board.

I looked through books, the encyclopedia’s and online then I summarized the information so my students at all levels could understand some of the key points.  Then I made up 4 display boards – one with the history, art, geography and the city of Paris.  I made up worksheets for my students to do together during our social studies time.  My students were engaged and seemed to enjoy going from one board to another.  It worked really well.  I would definitely do this format again.

Display on the history of France.

A display on some key points in the history of France.




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