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Are we Ready for French Toast Anyone?

December 11, 2010

The table set with French Toast and orange juice with the Eiffel Tower for a centerpiece.

A Study on France Kick-offed with French Toast

Venee and I wanted to surprise our students and prepare French Toast for them.  So Monday morning we were whipping up the eggs and pouring orange juice  before your students had arrived.  We had put a sign in the hallway, “Mademaiselles and Monsieurs, Sil vous plait place your dejeune on the bench” meaning Ladies and Gentlemen, Please place your lunches on the bench.  That had them curious – what’s going on?

We set the tables for everyone to be a one long table and I brought in all of my tablecloths and 20 cloth napkins to set the tone for a special meal.

Two proud teachers.

The chefs enjoying the happy eaters!

When we were ready with a French toast and strawberries on each plate and a piece of butter in the shape of a fleur-de-lis on top, we went out into the hallway with our chef’s hats on!  It was a photo opportunity!  Our students were very surprised and very appreciative.  They ate everything  up!  What a way to kick off the week!


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