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Sock Elves!

December 12, 2010
Socks turned into a little elf.

Three sock elves huddled together.

The first time my son came home with a sock elf, it was so funny, we made one for the whole family that Christmas!  Sock elves are very easy to make and only require a few items.


  • a sock in any color – if you use a child’s sock, it will be a small elf and an adult size sock it will be larger
  • rice, beans, recycled plastic bags or cotton batting to stuff into the sock
  • a rubber band to make the nose
  • buttons for the eyes or wiggly eyes
  • hot glue for the eyes (an adult needs to do this) or sew them on
  • bell for the top


  • First thing is for your child to select the sock.
  • Have them fill the sock with whatever stuffing you have available.  Beans and rice work well because they allow you to pose, somewhat, the elf on a shelf.
  • Once you have enough stuffing for the elf to take shape, hot glue or sew the opening close, attaching the bell to the end.
  • Now to give the elf some character – add the nose by taking hold of the sock in the middle and wrap the rubber band around the sock in your fingers.  The nice thing is if the nose isn’t big enough or it doesn’t look right, you can just start over – no worries.
  • Then it’s time to pick out some eyes – buttons work great and even young children can sew a basic stitch to hold the button in place.
  • Your child can add other accessories but these elves really don’t need much.
Green sock elf.

A green sock elf with a lot of character.

One year I made a set of sock elves to go along with the following worksheets.  My students really enjoyed playing with Grouchy, Feather Head and Mr. Eyebrow as they weighted them on the scale.



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