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A Fun Way to Show Comprehension with Word Clouds

December 13, 2010
Word Cloud on France.

My word cloud on some random words from our study on France.

Word Clouds

I have always liked looking at word clouds and how people group  words together into a pleasing-to-the-eye composition. So when I was trying to think of a way to sum up our study on France, word clouds came to mind.  I assignment the oldest students to create a word cloud using at least 20 words relating to France.  I gave them 3 choices:

  • ABCya! – easy step up but it doesn’t allow you to go back if you want to add or change anything
  • Wordle – a little more complicated but great results.
  • Cut out words from magazines or write them in different colors and put them all together on a page.

I am looking forward to what my students come up with!


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