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Snow People

December 26, 2010




  • Your child’s endless imagination
  • assorted clothes – hats, gloves, scarf… for the snowman
  • Sandbox pails to form shapes
  • Assorted items to make interesting mouths, eyes, hair, ears – like mushrooms for the nose, red pepper for the lips, spaghetti for hair


  • Make snow people in groups having fun.
  • Your child can give them personalities with a shirt and hair.
  • You might want to create a friendly neighborhood competition of who can build the silliest snow person.
  • Check Family Fun Magazine past issues for some great, and very silly, ideas!

Snow is a very versatile medium for your child to use. It is very forgiving and can be made to fit molds or changed easily with a mitten covered hand. But it doesn’t last forever.

Be sure to dress your child warmly so she can focus on enjoying the outdoors!


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