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Make Icebergs

December 27, 2010

Iceberg photo from Wikipedia.

Make Your Own Icebergs

Your child will love being able to take two snowballs in the house for this experiment on icebergs.


  • 2 snowballs
  • kitchen sink
  • cold water


  • One snowball needs to be packed very hard and the other fairly soft.
  • Inside put them in the sink filled with cold water. What happens? Just like real icebergs, most of it will be submerged but is one higher on the water than the other? Why?
  • Explain that the hard packed snowball trapped more air bubbles inside it so it will float more than the soft packed one.
  • If your child is interested and old enough to handle learning about the tragedy for the Titanic, this would be a natural progression.
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