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Snow Obstacle Course!

December 29, 2010

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Snow Obstacle Course

Build an obstacle course with your child and turn your snow covered yard into a maze of fun (or amazing fun!)!

  • Make paths with a shovel going around trees or swings or just make a path with your boots.
  • Have your child make a snow angel, hop like a rabbit, throw snow balls at a target (preferably not human) or balance a snowball on a tower of snowballs along the path.
  • You might want to include an area to slide or roll down a hill.
  • Try going under snow cover branches – the fun is you never know if the snow will cascade down on you or not.
  • Create snow logs or objects that everyone will have to climb across.
  • Have the kids take turns being the leader and change the course to add new elements that they like to try.
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