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New Year – New Adventures!

January 9, 2011
Story time at the Plymouth Library.

My students listening intendly to a interactive story at the Plymouth Library after learning about the Dewey Decimal system.

What a great beginning of a new year! Lots of new things happening:

  • I applied for a grant to go to Japan as part of the Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange program for ESD to learn more about the country and share it with my students and the community.  I really hope I’m selected and am keeping my fingers crossed!
  • My son went off to college.  He’s been taking classes locally and on-line but now it’s time for him to move away. I’m excited for him  but it’s hard to see him go. Yet, he is definitely ready for it!
  • My mom is moving in to a new place so she’ll have people around her.  I worry about her living alone so I visit often but not as often as she needs.  So hopefully, she’ll be happy in her new place.
  • At school we start very year with what we call “Museum”.  Every student selects a topic that they want to learn more about.  It has been a great start – the students are really into their topics. They can be seen with their piles of books and paper writing down answers to their questions.  It’s great to see!  The project isn’t new but every year it’s different because the topics are different and the students bring so much energy into the study and I learn so much from them.

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