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Icicles as Art!

January 23, 2011
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Icicles turned to art!


  • icicles
  • squirt guns or recycled bottles (from empty ketchup or salad dressing) makes creating lines of color on the icicles and the bottles are easy to hold with mittens on
  • food coloring – approximately 6 drops per gallon of water – or more!


  • Carefully remove icicles from the edge of the house for your child and have them place them in groupings in a snow pile so they stand straight up.
  • They make wonderful sculptures that capture sunlight. If they are sprayed with color, when they refreeze it will take on a whole new look.Think Dale Chihuly. If they haven’t seen the work of Dale Chihuly introduce your child to a world of blown glass and using your imagination. Other children I have introduced to Dale Chihuly’s artwork have always been amazed and thrilled.
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