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Sorting and Counting with Valentine Conversation Hearts!

January 30, 2011

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Valentine Hearts have been around along time.  They started in 1866 as saying for weddings like, “Married in white, you have chosen right”.  In 1902 the heart shaped candy called Sweethearts were introduced and each year over 8 billion are sold. Amazing!

This is a simple activity for young children.  It can be adapted for older children to include story problems.



Then you can  ask some questions to start a discussion.

  • What many _(color)_ did you find?
  • What color did you find more than any other?
  • Did your prediction that you made turn out to be true?
  • What if we bought another bag of candie hearts, would we find the same number of each color of candy? Why do you think?

For an extension:

  • Have your child make their own happy valentine greetings.
  • You can provide pre-cut hearts for young children or show them how to cut them out by folding a piece of paper in half.
  • Have them draw out the shape with a pencil to use as a guide.
  • Starting on the fold draw a hump to the other edge of the paper.
  • Then from the edge draw a line to the fold on the bottom edge of the paper.
  • Now they can cut it out!
  • Viola!

There are many kinds of hearts – long, skinny ones, fat, short ones; ones with curved tips…hearts are appreciated in all forms so go for it! The more your child makes them, they better fine motor skills they will get along the way!


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