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Crayon Stained-glass Hearts for Valentine’s Craft!

January 30, 2011
Melted wax cut into a heart shape.

Pretty little heart for kids to make.

This requires some help from an adult but kids really enjoy seeing their melted designs and making something unique!


  • crayons (light colors look the best)
  • hand held pencil sharpened
  • waxed paper
  • paper grocery bags or other heavy paper to iron on
  • iron (if ironing on a table, cover it with a heavy towel first)
  • scissors
  • 2 pieces of tag board
  • thread (clear or white)


  • Remove the paper off the crayons.  They can be peeled or you can soak them in water then the wrapping comes right off.
  • Have  your child shave the crayons onto a piece of wax paper (approximately 10″ square).  That way they can make more than one.
  • Have them spread out the shavings to give them room to melt so there is still some clear space.
  • Carefully place the wax paper onto a piece of heavy paper or grocery bag and cover it with the another piece of heavy paper or grocery bag.
  • Place the iron evenly on top for a count of 5.  Lift it up and place it down again until you have covered the whole surface.
  • Carefully lift the paper to see if everything is melted.  If not, replace the  paper and go over it again.

    Melted crayons make great designs.

    Melted crayons ready for the next step.

  • Once the crayon is melted and  has cooled to the touch, your child can cut out hearts.
  • For this project you can make the stand with 2 pieces of card stock or glue two pieces of construction paper together cut into a 4″ square.
  • Make a circle in the center approximately   2 1/4″.
  • Then make a 1/2″ cut on the upper and lower edge one one piece and on the top of the inside of the hole and the bottom of the inside of the hole.
  • These two cuts on each piece of paper fit into each other.  Now it will stand up.
  • With a small piece of tape connect a piece of thread to the heart.
  • Place the thread over the top of the stand to see how it fits.  If the heart can’t dangle freely, trim some off.
  • When your child is happy how it looks, tape the other end of the thread to the stand.
  • Stand back and admire their creation!

    melted crayons and constuction paper.

    A stained-glass heart to help express those feelings of love!


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