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Firing up the Brain with Multiple Intelligence!

April 22, 2011


Multiple Intelligence

I’m not a doctor but learning how to make learning accessible for all my students is something I find there is no end to the information. So when I shared some of the information recently, people were amazed and intrigued by what they learn. Here are some brief notes that people have come up following the presentations to ask more about.

  • Movement is important to the learning.  Incorporating movement (rolling a ball, jumping a rope, spinning around….) while they are practicing spelling words, addition facts and for any learning you want to “stick”. The books, “Brain Gym” by Dr. Dennison and “Smart Moves” by Carla Hannaford go into detailed explanations of kinds of movements and the benefits.  I had people tell me at the conferences how incorporating movement has made such a huge difference for their child.
  • Make instruction brain-friendly by balancing routine and novelty, learning styles, multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner).
  • Water needs to be consumed throughout the day, since the body is made up of 2/3 water. One cup of water per hour is optimal.  Fruit juices, pop, coffee and tea are treated as a food rather than as water.
  • Healthy brains need: positive attitude, daily exercise and plenty of sleep.
  • Fourteen foods that are recommended to eat everyday: beans, broccoli, blueberries, oats,  oranges, pumpkins., wild salmon, soy, spinach, tea, tomatoes, turkey, walnuts and yogurt.
  • Explicit and implicit learning, both are important. Explicit learning is done through discussions, reading, listening… Implicit learning is more subtle: field trips, simulations, role playing, model-making, complex games…
  • Take this quiz and discover your multiple intelligence.

Let me know if you would like more information on learning and the brain or when I’m speaking next!!



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