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Building Bridges Event!

April 25, 2011

Building Bridges

This week we’re going to be building bridges!   Our students are going to work together in teams from preschool to middle school.  They made 4 different types of bridges for the participates at the Green Street Fair to interact with, add to and have fun with.

The middle school students have already worked on a presentation of the 4 bridges that they will be building and will present.  Then it will be time for everyone to make a small model of their teams bridge and learn m0re about the science behind the bridges.

The four types of bridges will be:

  • arch
  • suspension
  • truss
  • post and beam

On Friday night we have invited the local Girl and Boy Scouts and home schooling groups to join us in making large models of the bridges.  The large models were big enough for young people to walk under.

We plan on making the small models with:

  • the arch bridge –
    • with lunch bags stuffed with newspapers
    • connected with masking tape
  • the suspension bridge –
    • empty paper towel rolls
    • yarn or string t
    • narrow strip of cardboard for the road.
  • the truss bridge –
    • Q-tips dipped in rubber cement and laid on a truss patter
    • 2 pieces of lasagna noodle (acting as the road and the overhead support).
  • the post and beam –
    • straws lashed together for the road
    • card board to make it a covered bridge.

Building Big is a great resource through PBS and the book and DVD by David Macaulay are wonderful.

Resources on kinds of bridges and activities:


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