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Have Suitcase, Will Travel

June 23, 2011
Our "tourist" are ready to share their favorite sites to see.

Our “tourist” is ready to share his favorite sites to travel to see.

Travel Around the Country

If you want your students or your child to become excited about learning, put a twist on it.  Learning about the history of individual states can be a bit dry but putting all their research in a suitcase was simple yet they had fun with it!
Making them was easy, peasy!  Fold a piece of poster board in half, paint the outside in whatever color they would like (water colors looked great). Some of my students added details like fleur-de-lis or buckles.  They can also paint the inside if they wish.  Add handles with 2 strips of felt or fabric that are about 12″ x 2″.  Stapling them held up well with all the times them carried them around.

After everyone was done with their research, labeled their puzzle piece and had made p0st cards of famous or fun places to visit in their state, they shared the information with the whole class.  Then everyone made 5 bumper stickers for their suit case of places they would like to visit.  It was a great way to reinforce what makes each state so unique and open my students eyes up to new places to visit with their families.  This could be a great summer vacation planning activity or even on the way.  Letting your child have a role in deciding what places to go and doing some research on it to tell everyone is a powerful learning tool.


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  1. Cynthia on June 27, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks for linking to Parent Child Education! Learning the letters of the alphabet is so important for beginning readers! Check out the other reading activities

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