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Discovering 3-D Shapes

June 27, 2011
Aiden busy making 3D shapes.

Aiden busy making 3D shapes.

Joshua using marshmallows to build his shapes.

Joshua using marshmallows to build his 3-D shapes.

Marshmallows make buiild easy.

Marshmallows make building 3-D easy.

Creating 3-D Shapes

My students explored spaces in 2-d before we moved to 3-D ones.

 Then they were off and running!  They made tetrahedrons, pyramids the square bases and triangular bases and pentagons.  Labeling each shape they were eager to make more complicated shapes.  Gum drops and marshmallows take a little more patience to assemble but it the individual pieces are make and let sit out for  day, they harden up and make the structure sturdier.
Gum drop cube.

Gum drops work well too!










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