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Creating Imaginative Cities

July 1, 2011
Students listening intently as everyone shares their unique city.

Students listening intently as everyone shares their unique and creative city.

Creating Cities

One of our final projects for the year was Geo-Cities.  Our students made cities to show their understanding of geometric terms but in a way that even if they didn’t understand the terms beforehand,  they did afterward. Parallel, perpendicular and intersecting always confuse kids so this was a great opportunity to create a city incorporating these terms and others.  The students were given these requirements:

  • Include 3 parallel streets.
  • 2 perpendicular streets.
  • Include 2 intersecting streets that aren’t perpendicular.
  •  5 different 3D shape for building ( some of the favorites were pyramid, cube, hexagonal prism, rectangular prism, tetrahedron).
  • Place a park on the lower left hand corner that has an area of 25′. Our younger students we told them to make the park 5″ x 5″ but our older students needed to do some figuring out.
  • For the older students we asked them to place a pool with a perimeter of 6″ in the park.
  • They needed to name all the streets, buildings and the city – using mathematical terms for the buildings!
  • Add any 5 things to their city.
  • Their cities needed to be colorful.

Our students loved the challenge and took it in directions we hadn’t anticipated!  They made clay figures, cars, water fountains, zoos, street signs and aliens!  It was amazing to see all the different combination using the same criteria that they came up with.

Jake's amazing city!

Jake’s amazing city – with roadways to slide cars on.

Summer Project??

This would be an excellent summer time project, especially for those rainy days when you’re looking for a quiet project.  This could be an ongoing creation if you have an area in the house that the city can be set up, the size depends on the size of the buildings and how much your child gets into the project. Kids have incredible imaginations and come up with so many things.   I can see:

  • Covering empty boxes with construction paper to make buildings.
  • Roll out some old wrapping paper to make roads through the town.
  • Using animal figures and dolls to place throughout the city.

So if your little architect creates a paradise, send us a picture and we’ll share it with others!


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