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Totem Pole Animals

July 7, 2011
Cute totem pole creature.

Cute totem pole creature.

Totem Poles

Whether it is done simply for the fun of it or to learn more about history of other cultures making a totem pole is easy and fun to do.  Your child can pick animals they feel give them strength, courage, wisdom or just their favorites to make for their totem pole. Or do a family totem pole with an animal for each member of the family.

Steps to do:

  1. You can use oatmeal boxes, coffee cans or peanut canisters for the base anything cylindrical.
  2. Looking through books on animals for ideas on how your child would like them faces to look.
  3. Your child can paper mache details on or attach wings, noses, etc with other cardboard taped on.  You’ll want to put at least one layer of paper mache on it so it makes it easier to paint.
  4. Once the design for each animal is established, it’s time to attached all the animal symbols together.
  5. To help it stand upright when it is finished, add some weight to the bottom animal – rocks or sand.
  6. Then have your child put them in the order they would like and tape them together.
  7. Putting a layer of paper mache over the tape will help make the connections stronger.
  8. Once the paper mache is dry (a single layer dries quickly if it isn’t too thick), it is time to paint them.
  9. Tempera paint works well and your child can add details like eyes with a permanent marker when it dries.
Totem poles made from oatmeal boxes.

Totem poles made from oatmeal boxes.


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