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Colonial America – Great Web Sites to Check Out!

August 24, 2011

Colonial American Web Sites

Here are links to websites with resources and games that I found helpful regarding Colonial America.

Colonial Williamsburg – great place to visit and experience life from then.

Claude Moore Colonial Farm – another great location for information and seeing life from colonial times reenacted.

Liberty! Road to Revolution – great interactive game for kids!

American Revolution Simulation – this is geared to middle schoolers but I adapted to use with my elementary students with great success.

Mission US – Thirteen –  another game but you need to log in for this one.

National Parks – links to landmarks that can be helpful and fun.

Kidport – nice time line and information for kids.

The American Revolution – great lesson ideas (even though the music can be annoying!!)

History channel – videos highlighting events of the revolution.

Neo12 – a selection of videos to make history real for kids.

Myths of the American Revolution from Smithsonian – for older kids but interesting.

American Revolution: Quotes – nice selection of famous quotes from history makers.

Women soldiers in the American Revolution – amazing women!

Spy letters -gallery of letters.

Brainpop – this is an interactive game – great fun!

Social Studies for Kids – if you’re looking for information on the facts like on the Intolerable Acts or the beliefs of the time, this is an excellent resource.

Happy surfing! : )




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