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Colonial America – Tri-Corn Hats

September 11, 2011


Tri-corn hat fit for kids!

Tri-corn hat fit for kids!

Tri-Corn Hats

Helping my students get in character of a colonial child, we made tri-corn hats for the boys and bonnets for the girls.  It was very simple.   Using felt for the durability and ease of working with it.

  • We made a pattern by measuring around the head of one of the oldest children to be sure to make the the brim big enough.  It came to approximately 24″ then add 2″ for the seams.
  • We made a wide brim (about 4″ plus an inch for the seams).
  • The top piece is about 7″ plus an inch for the seams.

How to piece it together:

  • Start by cutting out the pieces in heavy fabric like corduroy or felt so the hat will keep its shape.
  • Sew the long panel side seam first then attach the top round piece to it by pinning the inside of the fabric (so the right sides are on the inside) This will insure that the seams will be on the inside.
  • Pin the two pieces for the brim together then turn them so the seam is on the inside.  We put a top stitch seam along the edge of the brim to make it stiffer.
  • Pin the underside of the brim to the long panel and sew the seam.
  • Trim all the threads.
  • Pinch three edges together like points of a triangle and hand sew in place.

Tri-Corner Hat Pattern (44.4 KiB)

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