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Using Apples for Math Problems

September 29, 2011

Doing math by weighing an apple with grams.

Math Practice

This fall instead of weighing pumpkins this year, I thought we would practice doing math weighing apples.  It should be fun! We are also going to go to an apple orchard.  I came up with some simple worksheets for my multi-age classroom.

Making something fresh to practice comparing, balancing a scale, adding weights and problem solving is always fun. I’ll have a basket of apples to do the first activity.

Weighing the Apples (39.0 KiB)

Autumn Math Adventures
Pick an apple – this is your apple!

Hold it in your hand then pick up one of the weights.
Does the apple feel heavier or lighter than the weight?
How much do you think it weighs?                                 ____________

Carefully weigh it using the gram weights                      ____________

Take a piece of yarn and put it around the widest part of the apple.

How long do you think the yarn is?________________

Lay the yarn on the ruler, how long is it? _______________

NOW go wash off your apple then take a bite out of it.  Is it yummy?  How much do you think it weighs now? Weigh your apple again. _______________

How much did your bite weigh? ______________

Enjoy eating the apple!

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