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The Magic Pumpkin Arrives!

October 30, 2011
The Magic Pumpkin and friends!

The Magic Pumpkin and friends!







The Magic Pumpkin

Every year the Magic Pumpkin comes to my classroom and each year my students start eagerly waiting for their arrival.  This year they were getting a little anxious when they hadn’t arrived on Monday but then we received this Western Union telegram that put all their fears to rest.

Our Western Union telegram.

Our Western Union telegram.

My students write to the Magic Pumpkins – Wendy Witch, Becky the bat, Arthur Magic Pumpkin and Boo the ghost.  They ask lots of questions and tell the Magic Pumpkins about themselves.

It’s a great way to have children write in a none threatening way and get letters bad in return.

If you’d like to send a Western Union telegram, check out this site.

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