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Reporting on “Chasing Vermeer”

November 2, 2011

While reading “Chasing Vermeer” I found some Vermeer websites to show my students so of his art work.  Then they did this activity of being a reporter for the Hype Park Times.  They could select through paintings by artists, what kind of article (mystery, art fans from outer space, time travel, inventions and honors for local artist) then they filled in what was requested.  It is very much like Mad-Libs.  They have blank lines for you to fill in for a noun, plural, adjective, etc. then it plops out a silly story using your words.

Through Blue Balliett’s website your students can do this activity.  The only down side is you have to copy the article and paste it in a word processing document to print it.  But other than that, it is great fun.  My students enjoyed sharing all of their goofy antics and I got to see their understanding of parts of speech.

These are on-line sites you can do Mad-Lib activities.


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