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Santa with Fluttery Beard!

December 24, 2011
Smiley Santa to hang on the tree or door knob.

Smiley Santa to hang on the tree or door knob.

Santa Pattern

This Santa is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. This is an easy pattern for your child to add their own flair.

  • Copy the pattern onto white and red construction paper or you could use white paper and have your child color in the areas that are red.
  • Cut out the shapes.
  • Attach the red triangle for the hat, the “C” shape for the mouth and the circles for his rosy cheeks. to the large circle.
  • Color in the eyes.
  • Use a hole punch to make the holes on the bottom of the large circle for the beard.
  • Cut out the small white circles for his fluttery beard.
  • Punch a hole in each small circle and attach them for the beard using white yarn or fishing line (invisible thread).
  • Hang somewhere your child will appreciate it!


Smiley Santa (704.4 KiB)

Smiley Santa Beard (727.7 KiB)

Smiley Santa Hat, mouth and cheeks (1.3 MiB)



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