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Make Your Own House of Cards

January 9, 2012


Deck of Cards made into amazing things!

  This is the world record House of Cards!  Amazing!

Ways to Use a Card Deck

I recently watched this version of Alice in Wonderland and was delighted by the costumes and the Queen of Hearts shrill, “Off with her head!” in response to any problem. It was the   She was so delightfully absurd!  The scene of the courtroom with all the cards stacked up made me think about making my own “House of Cards”.  Wouldn’t that be a fun indoor activity for a winter day?

Picture from Alice in Wonderland using card deck!

This version was made in 1999, with Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Short, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd, Tina Majorino and Miranda Richardson to name a few of the actors.


1. There are 3 different ways to approach this:

  • The traditional way is to balance two cards in an invert “V” and to build on it (like the record breaking house).
  • Making more “V’s” and lay a card on top.
  • Make as many “V’s” as you like for the base.
  • Start building up as far as you dare!
  • It’s all a matter of balancing the cards on a flat surface.
  • Steps on Wiki

2. Another way to do it is cutting a 1/2″ slit on the sides.  You’ll use these to slide the cards into place. This is harder to work with but for anyone looking for a challenge, this is it!








3. The third way is using a little bit of tape and assembly the cards into whatever designs you would like. Overlapping the edges to make the sides longer gives it a little stability.  Laying the tape on the edge of the card makes it easy attach to the next card.

Houses made with cards and tape.

Houses made with card decks and tape.










This is another picture of what you can add – doors and windows!  Perfect for Lego people!

Card decks used in new ways!


Have fun!  Send in your pictures and I’ll add them on to show others all the great things you can make with a deck of cards!





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