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We’re Living History of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s!

April 10, 2012
Venee and I dressed for our Decades Shindig!

Venee and I dressed for our Decades Shindig!

Living history makes real and brings it to life for our young students.

It’s fun having an opportunity to dress up like Halloween!  Venee and I had a blast with our students going back in time and exploring events and music from the recent past.  This was our culmination – and it was a huge hit.  Our students were kind of speechless when they saw how we transformed!  They would just stare at us, trying to see something that told them who was behind those glasses!  It was fun but I’m getting ahead of  myself.  Let me explain what we did and what our expectations were for our students and how it all came together.

Years ago I got these from the U.S. Post Office to celebrate stamp collecting.

Fabulous information discs that came with the folder!

The fabulous information discs that came with the folder to begin living history of the previous decades!

I’ve held on to them because they are a wealth of information and photos that I could use in a number of ways.  So that’s were we started. We showed our students a short slide show of events from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s to get capture their attention and give them a framework for what we hoped they would then share with their peers.  The slideshow included world events, famous people music and science breakthroughs for each decade.  Then it was their turn.

Dividing them into “clock partner” teams of 4, the youngest drew a slip of paper to determine what decade they were to study.  Then they were given the decade folder to explore.  Inside are 30 discs with individual facts, 20 12″x12″ photos with activities on the back that were great from journal topics, comic books and a timeline of that decade. Each member of the team selected one area to focus on:

  • Science and Technology
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Events and People

They had time to look through and read the information.  Then they were  responsible to fill the Decades worksheet to help them narrow their focus to 3 things in each category.  When there is so much information, it is hard to process too much, so 3 seemed a reasonable amount. This is the worksheet everyone completed before they went on to the next fun step!

Worksheet for Decades Unit (235.4 KiB)


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