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Strolling with Soul Train in the 70s!

April 19, 2012

Exploring the 70’s

Watch as they “Stroll” to Earth, Wind and Fire on Soul Train.

To continue our discovery of dances from the past, our students watched a Soul Train clip to see them do the “Stroll”.  This evolved over the years but my students saw the possibilities when there was a little more movement.  In the 50s it was a little bit more controlled movement but the 70s anything was okay as long as you continued with the beat moving down the aisle!

This video is the stroll from the 50s vs. Soul Train!  It’s kind of fun to watch!

At first my students were apprehensive to do it alone or at all, but they all warmed up to getting carefree and having fun with it pretty quickly.  They especially liked moving to the music of “Mr. Roboto“, the class song for the year!

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