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Our Butterfly Garden is Thriving!

June 26, 2012
We were happy to see the butterfly.

We were happy to see the butterfly.

Butterfly Garden

We’ve been working on our butterfly garden with the help of Nina Jaffray (she has done more than just help – she gets the right plants, she is an inspiration and encouragement for me and all of the kids to take on this project and she teaches all of us by sharing her knowledge about butterflies). She brought in some caterpillars months ago and two hatched!  Then a Painted Lady hatched!  It was very exciting!

Our garden is really taking off with all the new plants to encourage the butterflies to stick around, like: milkweed, dill and rue.  I didn’t realize that you need plants for them to lay their eggs and plants for the caterpillars to feast on!  Feast they do.  They go through whole leaves in a day and they grow so fast!  I wonder if they get growing pains like kids do?

 Two beautiful buttterflies were released!

Two beautiful butterflies were released!

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