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Playing Theater Games and Performing a Circus Act!

July 9, 2012
Surrounding by a troop of clowns!

Surrounding by a troop of clowns!

Ben letting his creative energies flow.
Ben letting his creative energies flow.









Theater Games

This year I put on a theater week for kids!  It was a blast!

We played with many aspects of performing through:

  • theater games to help them become more comfortable with themselves and each other
  • attended a puppet show
  • then they made our own puppets and put on an impromptu show
  • applied their own clown make-up
  • decided on and practiced a routine for their circus act
  • selected their costumes to wear for the circus

Since I was working with kids from 4 – 11, I had to make the games adaptable and fun for everyone.  One of the games that everyone was able to get into was Grocery Store.

  • This game would work inside or out.  Come up with an area that will be the pretend grocery store, say 10′ from where the kids are.
  • They have to run to the “store” and call out an item that they are buying.  It has to be an item found at a grocery store (we eliminated “super” stores that have everything – we just wanted grocery store items).
  • Next they put it in their cart (if you’re doing this inside, a chair could be their cart).
  • They can not repeat a food item someone else has called.
  • If they repeat an item or call out something not found at a grocery store, they are out.
  • They then listen to the items and help keep track of everything.

The antics that went on.  The older kids got into spices and named off many different kinds, getting everyone giggling. They younger ones were just having fun!

Three great resources are:

Kids Take the Stage On Stage: Theater Games and Activities for Kids  Break a Leg!: The Kids' Guide to Acting and Stagecraft

The top picture is after they applied their clown make-up.  I had told them actors need to be comfortable putting on their own make-up.  The goal was to become clowns.  Each had a mirror and they were to decide on one feature on their face to emphasize.  Other than that, the sky was the limit.    Most of the kids had never put on face paint themselves, so this was a new experience and they all were engrossed in making their faces cool or funny.  I put a small amount of face paint on a paint tray for each to apply with their fingers.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of them applying the make up.  Focused, talking, laughing! It was a good activity for all of them.

The second picture is Ben inside a tube of stretching material and he is responding to music.  He really got into it.  I have used this before and am always thrilled by the creativity that comes out.  You can get them through Oriental Trading – they call them Super Shape Changer!



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