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Astronauts in Training!

July 23, 2012
Astronaut training!

Astronauts training!




Running on the moon's surface.

Running on the moon’s surface.

This astronaut is giving his all!

This astronaut is giving his all!


Learning about space is great fun, especially if it includes astronaut training.  Astronauts need to be physically fit and work well in teams to accomplish the goals of the mission.  Using our playground equipment and a stuffed backpack we came up with 3 activities to give the kids opportunities to do so:

  • Moon Walking – Since the moon has no gravity, walking on it is like bouncing on the surface.  So the kids goal was to make the least amount of steps over the surface of our “moon” (the sand box).  You can tell be the look on their faces, of the effort that went into crossing the surface.  We raked the surface beforehand so their footsteps would stand out and between each kid took a turn.
  • Obstacle course – With the help of Asher’s backpack (stuffed with favorite stuffed animals, thank you Asher) we made a running course through our playground equipment.  If other classes weren’t outside, I would have also used the slide.  But as it was we ran around and through a climber as our asteroid belt.
  • Then we did a rally race that they worked as teams to pass a baton.  They didn’t have to run too far but they had fun passing the baton and running!


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