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Space Suit Design Shop

July 24, 2012
Space suit in the making.

Space suit in the making.

This is going to fly - fast!
This is going to fly – fast!

Space suit with jet pack.

Space suit with jet pack.














Space Suit

After showing pictures of astronaut space suits and talking about some of the special features, like:

  • a tube in the helmet to drink water
  • a build-in microphone to speak to your team
  • water cooling system that runs close to the skin to keep astronauts comfortable
  • the layers that cover their body to product them from small space debris
  • dials and controls on their space suits for an assortment of equipment
  • the backpack carries a battery and an air tank

Then the creativity came through.  Everyone had brought in cereal boxes to  use for the base and various circle tops from containers to serve as dials.  Every space suit was different and displayed creative thinking and problem solving. One boy even designed his dial so it would turn!   We used parachute material for the straps but duct tape didn’t hold it but stapling did!  I also went to the Scrap Box, a local recycling place for fabulous kid creations and gathered up lots of open ended items so use.

  • assorted ribbon
  • parachute material
  • various sized boxes
  • paper towel and towel paper tubes
  • stickers
  • yarn
  • anything that is easy for kids to attach to the cereal box

The kids painted their space suits but perhaps I would spray paint them next time since they only got to paint one side.  I would just figure it into my schedule for them to decorate their space suits the next day and let them dry overnight.  That way the whole box would be covered, not just one side.  Something to think about.

Great project – wish we had more time to make helmets too!

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