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Time for Rockets to Take Off!

July 27, 2012
Building a rocket!

Building a rocket!


One of the activities that every kid loves it building with these large scale plastic rods with connectors.  Today’s challenge was to make a rocket as a team.  They understood the concept of making a rocket but working as a team…well, some did and some didn’t.

If you don’t have the tubes a simple way to make your own structure is by rolling newspaper int a long roll and tape to secure it.  After you have made at least 10 rolled newspaper to start to assemble them together.  Kidspace has a great example of using the newspaper tubes for building a geodesic dome – we aren’t looking at doing something so advanced but you can see how easy it is to assemble and everyone can help.

Think of the rockets that they could make:

  • doughnut shaped
  • two cones
  • places for their pets on the ride
  • places to read
  • a place to sleep – with a sleeping bag??

The possibilities are endless!  I would love to see what rockets your kids come up with – send me a picture and I’ll load it for others to see too!

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