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The Chester the Clown Challenge

September 11, 2012

Chester the Clown.

Chester the Clown.



Chester the Clown

I am starting a unit on the circus to incorporate geometry in a different way.  Before school started I sent out a puzzle for my students to assemble of this circus scene to give them a clue about what we would be studying.

This week I’m giving them the Chester the Clown Challenge.  They need to make as many different kinds of triangles on a geoboard and transfer the image onto dot paper.  We will make the triangles into banners to invite the rest of the school to the circus they will perform and create activities for the others to participate in.

The Chester the Clown Challenge (6.9 MiB)

This activity is an informal geometry exploration.  The activity allows children to explore, visualize, create, take apart, and make observations about triangles.  Through constructing different kinds of triangles, my students will compare triangles by appearance and it will also build on their spatial-reasoning abilities.

In 1950 Pierre van Hiele and Dina van Hiele-Geldorf developed a five levels for understanding spatial ideas and geometric thinking. The levels are not age-dependent but the more geometric experience will help  students get to the next level.

The levels are:

  • Level O – Visualization
  • Level 1 – Analysis
  • Level 2 – informal Deduction
  • Level 3 – Deduction
  • Level 4 – Rigor

This activity is adapted from an article in the Teaching Children Mathematics, May 2004 issue.

Chester the Clown coloring sheet.

Chester the Clown coloring sheet.





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