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Researching the Circus

September 17, 2012

My students are doing research to learn about the different jobs in a circus.

Researching the Circus

My students are having a blast learning about circus acts, playing with shapes and reading excellent books!  Everyone selected a topic to learn more about performing for a circus in order to put together their own.  These are the work sheets I came up with to help them focus their research.

Circus Fun - Ringling Brothers (21.5 KiB)

Circus Fun - Clowns (8.5 MiB)

Circus Fun - Clown Faces (8.5 MiB)

Circus Fun - Tents (8.5 MiB)

Circus Fun - Safety (19.5 KiB)

Circus Fun - History (8.5 MiB)

Circus Fun - Trainers (8.5 MiB)


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