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Creating Powerful Powerpoint Slides

December 27, 2012

PowerPoint as a powerful tool for students to present their research.

PowerPoint Presentations

What makes a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation amazing?  It seemed, to most of my students, that the transitions and putting as much information as possible.  In working with some middle school students I learned that they really didn’t understand the point of using a slide show for a presentation.

Based on prior research I had done when starting this website and making presentations at conferences, I read Robin Williams (no, not that Robin Williams) book, The Non-Designers Book on Design.  It has many excellent illustrations to help those, like me, that don’t design for a living.  I took the information and condensed it down to a short, kid-friendly slide presentation for the group of students I work with. I also created a cloze document for them to fill out as we went through the slides.

Beware: this is meant for middle school students.  The acronym for the 4 basic elements spells out crap.  I told my students beforehand that I thought they were old enough to not get caught up on the word but to use it as the tool it was intended for.

Cloze of lesson

Creating Powerful Slides (71.7 KiB)

Teacher’s copy of cloze

Creating Powerful Slides -teacher copy (72.9 KiB)



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