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Wonderful Winter Scenes

December 29, 2012
Water-colored trees in the winter.

Water-colored trees in the winter.

Winter Art

This is a simple art project that even my youngest students enjoyed doing and weren’t frustrated by the materials.

Prior to starting I had framed the edge of the paper with the painter’s tape to give a finished pictures a framed look.

We started with a brief discussion of the way trees look in the winter (bare branches, branches coming off the main trunk at different points). Then it was time to let their imaginations take them.  They were to create a winter night scene using painter’s tape.  None of them had ever used painter’s tape before, so it was a new medium for them. I showed them how to tear the tape to make interesting shapes for branches and other things found outside on a winter’s night.

After they had made their trees, they painted them with blue water-colors and sprinkled them with salt while it was still wet.

That’s all the introduction that they needed!  They were off and running… and here are their works of art!

Close up of bare winter trees.

Close up of bare winter trees with the tape still in place.


Winter scenes drying.

Winter scenes drying before the tape was removed.

After they were dry, I carefully removed the tape (some of the tape was difficult to remove). My students really liked the outcome!

I think this would work for other types of scenes: flowers in a garden, the sun rays… send me any pictures and I’ll share them with others!

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