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Powwow Power!

January 12, 2013


Group playing a Native American game.

Group playing a Native American game at the powwow.

Native American Powwow

Learning about different cultures is important for children to experience in order to be tolerant of the differences.  I just coordinated a school wide pow-wow where everyone, from preschool to middle school students explore the world of Native Americans. It was a huge success!  The local newspaper, Observer and Eccentric, wrote a nice article about it.

Displays with student work - false faces, pictographs and dreamcatchers.

Displays with student work at the powwow – false faces, pictographs and dreamcatchers.


The naming ceremony!

The naming ceremony!

It was a culmination of a month of study and coordination and the whole student body participated in it. The students studied different tribes and tradition, made artwork and were dressed as Native American’s for the naming ceremony.

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