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Fact Families Game

January 29, 2013
Family Fact Detectives in action!

Fact Families Game

Fact Families

I am always looking for ways to make math fun yet meaningful.   Fact families are always a challenge for kids.  Until they “see” the relationships of the numbers, each equation is a new problem.

I set out the challenge that they were detectives and had to find the one number that didn’t belong.  It took a little while for them to see that the only 2 numbers would add to the largest number. Then it became a challenge to see who could do the most.

I copied these onto construction paper and used bingo chips to cover the number that didn’t belong.  Download the sheet.  Copy onto construction paper and cut the strips between the center bold line and each row.  Laminate if you want to have it last.

Addition Fact Family Detectives (51.0 KiB)


The chips are out and ready.

The chips are out and ready.




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