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March is Reading Month – How to Make it Fun?

February 19, 2013
Watercolor of Stuart Little for the game.

Watercolor of Stuart Little for the game.

We are currently reading “Stuart Little”. My students have really enjoyed listening to this tale! It is so well done and clever!

I was thinking about reading month, “What to do?” I could do the pizza slices (kids love food!).  They would get a  different color slice for each different genre that they read.  But thought with my present group being mostly beginning readers….well, that would prove to show what I need in the way of books.

I was thinking as a culmination to do a character party where everyone dresses up like their favorite character.  It would be fun and a little different than what we have ever done before.  That’s when “magic” happened.  I was in bed – not sleeping and came up with this idea of making a game.  But it wouldn’t be just a board game, it would be the biggest board game they have ever seen!

Here’s the idea: as my students read a book, they will share with their classmates:

  • the summary
  • Where and when does it take place?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • Why do they recommend this book?

Then they will each draw a large picture of the main character or a collage of a few of them and 1 playing card with a description of the person or what they have done and 2 trivia cards about their book (it  must be things that they shared with the classmates).  I will also make a few character drawings and trivia cards for books I have read to the class.

On the day of the party, everyone will bring in their outfits to “become” their character. For the party I will affix the character drawings to a large sheet of paper on the floor in a large square so that the board is life-size!

At the beginning of the game, all player receive $100 Scholar Dollars to be used during the game. When my students land on the character drawings, they will draw from the character cards.  They will have to respond to the question in order to move ahead.  If anyone is dressed as that character, they are paid $20., if no one is the character, the $20 is paid to the Character Hospital Fund basket.  This is a special fund for characters that experience difficulties through the book and could use some help from a friend.  This is paid out when the Trivia Card is pulled.

As the players go around the board, at one corner I will have Book Corner.  When they land on it, they will draw a card to see what book is going to be made into a movie.  They will have to decide what character they would like to play and why.  They also collect $100 Scholar Dollars.

I am so exciting about putting this together.  I think my students are going to thoroughly enjoy it too! I’ll post pictures of the event when I get them.

Feel free to copy they cards onto construction paper and laminate them for future gamers!

Scholarly Books! Worksheet (54.0 KiB)

Scholar Dollars (211.2 KiB)

Book Card for game (76.5 KiB)

Trivia Cards for reading game (58.5 KiB)

Character card for reading game (191.0 KiB)


Here they are!  We had fun and they learned about new books to check out!

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One Response to March is Reading Month – How to Make it Fun?

  1. duncanfaber4 on February 20, 2013 at 12:51 am

    Great idea, Cynthia. Thanks for posting. My son hates reading. Hates it. It's okay if I read to him, but he's not motivated to read on his own. I found a way around that. Audiobooks. I download a bunch and have him listen to them while he plays. At least it's better than watching tv. I found a great site to download them for free. http://www.twirlygirlshop.com/stories-for-kids Hope this helps.

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