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Where in the World…?

February 28, 2013

Making Geography Fun

Remember this game? Well, I do!  It is fun but for my students, although very bright, I think it would be hard at first since it covers the globe, so I had an idea! Why not make our own version?

I’m going to wear a big safari-type hat and explain to my students that we are going on an adventure!  Where would they like to go to?  Think big!  London to see Big Ben and the Tower?  Or walk on the Wall of China? Or perhaps see the Galapagos Island?  The world will be ours!  We’ll brainstorm together some of the great places throughout the world and since there are 193 countries on the planet – there is so much to see!

I have bookmarked some of the “Wonders of the World” (they keep changing them) to show them and then, it’s time for them to pick some far away place they want to learn about.  I made this worksheet for them to fill out to cover just the basics.  Then they will fill out a trivia card for the game.

Where in the World...? (19.5 KiB)

Trivia card form for Where in the World...? (152.0 KiB)

Before we begin playing, each student will present their country, including the landmark or structure that they would visit and, if it is different, what is on the trivia card.   I will make a large map of the world to use as the game board.  My students can make models of their landforms to use as playing pieces. I’ll take pictures of my students playing the game!  This should be fun!


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