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Things I Learned at Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning conference!

March 25, 2013

Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning- MACUL

Friday I attended the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning conference and I was blown away by the amount of information available.  I already use computers and our i-pad in the classroom but it was wonderful to learn of other applications and uses to reinforce and help my students learn.  Fortunately I have had some time to go back to assess many of the sites and to bookmark them for my students.

One that  I knew about but hadn’t worked out how to make it work for my young students is Edmodo. If you aren’t aware of it, here is a brief summary.  Edmodo requires no email addresses for your students, it’s free and it allows  you to have conversations with your students and they can talk with you.  You can upload assignments and take surveys. It even has a tracking tool that pulls data from other sites to make it more efficient for you.

Twitter was a big surprise to me.  I am on Twitter but I never saw the application for my classroom but after listening to Erin Klein (@kleinerin) I had a whole new understanding of the possibilities.

A fairly new app for the i pad and, soon for computers, is Haiku Deck.  A very user friendly presentation tool.  Easier than PowerPoint and only allows 2 lines of text.  Great for anyone but especially young students that writing is new for them.  I think older students will find the it limiting but many put too much text on their presentations so being concise would be great.

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