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The Early Explorers Puppets

June 30, 2013
Puppet heads made by my students.

Puppet heads made by my students.

Early Explorers Puppets

Aren’t the heads fabulous?  I was so pleased with how the puppet heads came out.  Each was unique as the explorer that they represent.  My students would compare pictures of the explorer that  they were researching and attempt to recreate him.

We made them with the simple balloon and paper mache technique.  Blow up a balloon to the size you desire. Then cover it with strips of newspaper dipped in a flour and water mixture (it should be fairly thick, if it is too runny it is difficult to work with).  Cover most of the balloon, leaving an opening for your hand.  Cover with at least two layers to be sure that it will keep its shape.  Now I added a layer of white tissue paper to give it an overall color.  The tissue is a little tricky to work with because it falls apart in the paper mache but instead of putting the paper into the mixture, put some on the paper mache covered balloon and cover it with the tissue paper.  Worked really well.  I liked the results. After the final layer, my students added noses, ears and chins.

When the paper mache on the balloon is dry, it’s time to add the eyes, eyebrows, beards, hair and mouths. We just  used white glue that we painted where they wanted the feature and viola!

I got into the fun and made Queen Isabella to send the explorers on their adventure! I choose to use blue tissue paper to make her more Muppet-ish!

Queen Isabella of the Blue Bloods!

Queen Isabella of the Blue Bloods!


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