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Testing Out Bird Beaks!

August 4, 2013

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Why Are Bird Beaks So Different?

During our week on  birds, we tested out different beaks to figure out the kind of food each beak would eat.  To prepare I:

  • One beak was tongs  and I took 2 Popsicle sticks and inserted a small piece of crinkled up paper between taped it together so the Popsicle sticks are not touching or spring clothespins.
  • Used toothpicks or forks to represent beaks that are long and pointy like a hummingbird.
  • Used spoons for beaks that can scoop up food, like a pelican.

I taped a circle on the floor and placed pennies, dried kidney beans, rubber bands, buttons and marbles.  You can use other small objects.Then I divided the students into groups and explained that each group would collect as much “food” as they could in 5 minutes.  Then the fun began! I made a chart to record the outcomes.

After 5 minutes, I recorded how much “food” each kind of beak gathered so they could see if there would be a difference between the beaks. Then we did it two more times with another beak.  Attached is a form for the chart that you can enlarge so everyone can see the results.

Chart For Beaks (25.5 KiB)




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