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Creating Their Own Stuffed Animal Friend

September 13, 2013
Special friends.

Hannah and Isabela’s special friends that they designed and assisted making.

Stuffed Animal

This summer I had the pleasure of spending time with Hannah and Isabela, sisters and great kids.  They designed these stuffed animals on paper, picked out fabric and helped pin and cut out the pattern.  I helped them pin together the two pieces and sew them together.   With their inspiration, we added eyes, feathers to the red bird and pink ears to the tiny rabbit.  They girls took special pride in stuffing them just so and carrying them around.

Steps for your child to create their own special friend:

  1. Draw an animal or other “special” friend of their choice
  2. Sometimes it’s hard to draw for them to draw them large, if so, transfer their design to another piece of paper to make it larger (if that is what they want).
  3. Let your child look through scraps of fabric or purchase a remnant in a soft, cuddly fabric.
  4. Pin the pattern to the fabric then cut it out leaving an extra 1/2″ for the seam all the way around the design if you want to have a smooth seam on the edge.
  5. An easy stitch if you don’t want a smooth seam, is the whip stitch.  The stitch goes around the edge.  You can use it like an accent.
  6.  Or you could do a back stitch.
  7. Start on the bottom edge and continue sewing until you have only a 2″ opening left.
  8. Time to stuff it.  Carefully insert the batting.  Sometimes it’s helpful to use a pencil or other tool to poke the batting into the farthest corners.
  9. Then pin close the hole and sew it!
  10. Now let your creative child add the final touches!  You can sew them, use fabric markers or fabric paint!
  11. Time to enjoy their special friend that is one of a kind!


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