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Inspiring the Use of Computers!

May 3, 2015

Computers in Learning

I went to the MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users for Learning) and came away inspired! There is so much out their to help teach and many of the tools are free.  I only put a few in this post but I’ll add more in the future.


Kahoot is a fun and inspiring way to using computers in the classroom.





My students really enjoy Kahoot!  I have make a reviewing reading month activity for them, they have come up with questions following their presentations on the states and they made one for their parents to participate in!  They are easy to do, easy to edit, makes for a fun interactive way to review information in a new way!


Sphero is a simply inspiring way for anyone to learn to code.



This grabbed everyone’s attention when they were spinning in the hallway.  These white balls can be programmed and kids love them.  It’s a fun, interactive way to get kids into programming.


Image result for osmo images

Great things come in small boxes! This is 3 activities that use the ipad to give immediate feedback to your child.  Great possibilities!

Aurasma – Augmented Reality




Image result for aurasmas

This is amazing stuff!  You can make flat images become 3D!  I also put this link to more AR sites and apps. What fun!



Image result for color alive

My students have really enjoyed seeing their pictures turn into 3D images using their colors.  There are free images online to try.  They came in handy for indoor recess on those rainy days.

Let me know what you think!


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