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Using our House Paper for Handwriting Practice

June 8, 2015

House paper to make placement for writing letters easy.

Handwriting the Alphabet

  1. Start with the capital letters then progress to the lowercase letters. The larger letters are a little easier for small fingers to make.
  2. You can introduce the letters in alphabetical order, if your child likes things in sequential order, it would be logical and they might be more comfortable with that approach.
  3. Or you can introduce similar letters together, such as letters made with a circle, or the tall letters or all the letters that have a “tail”. Doing them in order of similar motions might make it easier for your child to complete.
  4. We wouldn’t suggest introducing the following letters on the same day because some children do get confused. Some of these letters look similar or are mirror images.
    The letters are:
d and b i and j
D and B n, h and m
E and F n and u
M and W w and m
p, g and q I and H

In time, your child will have no problem differentiating between the letters.

Fun Handwriting Paper

House paper to make placement for writing letters easy.

House paper to make placement for writing letters easy.

1. We created our special “house” paperwhich has a small image to indicate where the letters should be in relation to the lines. Children have an understanding of the basic idea of a house – that some houses have an upstairs and a basement and all of them have floors. So we are building on that knowledge.
All of the letters rest on the first “floor”, some like the – y, p and q – go into the “basement” and others like the – l, t and b – reach into the “attic”.

2. Also try our fun “boat” paper, if your child loves the water or boats, they might enjoy using this paper. All letters sit on the bottom of the boat (so the boat doesn’t tip over),some letters reach down to the fish in the water – like a q or g and others reach up in the sail – like k or h.

Using our special “house” or “boat” paper will help your child quickly learn the proper placement for each letter in a fun way that will help them remember it – so in time the placement of the letters will become automatic.

Handwriting Assessment

Use the special “house” or “boat” paper for practice and until your child is fairly comfortable with each letter.

When they have learned how to make the letters of the alphabet, they can progress to regular lined paper.

Handwriting Jokes

  • In school one day, a teacher asked a 6 year old why his handwriting wasn’t as neat as it usually was. “I’m trying out a new font,” he replied.
  • Riddle: How is a pencil like a riddle?
    Answer:  It’s no good without a point.


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