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Colonial America on Kahoot!

November 22, 2015
Image result for colonial america

Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock

My students are finishing up a unit on Colonial America and I make the following activity for them. They love doing Kahoot – it challenges them to remember facts quickly and they love working with a team mate to put the correct answer in quickly – usually within 20-30 seconds! They see almost instantly who is the first to answer and who wins the most points for each question. Try it with your students!

If you have never done Kahoot, it’s easy to learn and edit existing templates. Once you have the template you want to use, have your students go to kahoot.it. It will take them to the sign in page for the game pin number, which you generate on the game page. Once they are all logged in (it will tell you how many players are logged in so you know if anyone is missing) the fun begins! Let me know if  you have any questions.


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